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EXSIF Connect Portal

Welcome to our secure online portal, where real-time information awaits both our customers and partners at their fingertips. With easy access to crucial unit details, our platform enhances your experience through smart search, sort, and filter capabilities tailored to your needs. On-screen helpful hints ensure a smooth navigation experience, making it simpler than ever to find exactly what you’re looking for.

  • The Document Center module provides easy access to test and construction certificates, data plates and full technical specifications and drawings based on user role.
  • The Booking Info module provides a convenient overview of your release references. You will also find information on allocated units, statuses, and associated documentation.
  • The Unit Search module provides important specifications and documents at the unit level.
  • The Tank Tests module allows you to view relevant fleet testing information in one place.  You may sort and filter units in your fleet by test dates, test type and other attributes.
  • The Tank Test Approval module automates the approval for periodic tank container testing inspections. It offers 24/7 connectivity to our tank container testing database, enabling real time testing confirmation and approval.

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    Tank Container Repair

    Welcome to EXSIF’s Tank Container Repair Portal, your paperless solution for managing tank container repairs with ease and efficiency. Our portal offers customers and depots 24/7 access to a full suite of features including entry, review, revision, authorization, routing, and approval of repair estimates. Simplify your repair management process with our seamless online system, designed to keep your operations running smoothly around the clock.


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Below is the filterable feed of our pre-owned equipment listings.

Please note that the images used are placeholder images for the equipment listing.

For more information and photos please connect with our pre-owned sales team to find out more about our current offerings.

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