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DOT 407 Intermodal Tanks

A unique 40’ tank container used within North America provides cost and payload advantages, distribution flexibility and storage opportunities.

Intermodal DOT 407 Tanks

Intermodal 407 Tank Containers

Designed for use within North America, EXSIF’s unique Intermodal 407 tank container provides full intermodal opportunities – road, rail, sea, and barge. The tank’s capacity, specification and intermodal capability make it a cost-effective alternative to transporting liquid products in the more expensive DOT 407 tank trucks.

This 40’ tank container, has dimensions and valve terminations identical to a standard tank truck. It is suitable and approved for a wide range of chemical and liquid cargoes. The standard configuration comes fitted with ground level actuated valves, dual steam heating facilities – enabling glycol heating during transport and steam heating at destination. The tank’s overall dimensions, when used in conjunction with a purpose built 40’ chassis, ensure compatibility with all standard loading and cleaning racks.



Technical Specifications for Swap Body Tank Containers



  • Available up to 7,133 US gallons (27,000 liters)
  • Pressure vessel material: SANS 50028-7, 1.4402/1.4404
  • NPT cleaning ports
  • Identical operational equipment and dimensions to common tank trucks
  • High flow rate foot valve with emergency closure and fusible link
  • Approved for intermodal operation according to IMDG, CFR49, IMDG, ADR/ RID, TIR, CSC, TC, AAR
  • Special chassis available which can offer similar dimensions to DOT 407 trailers
  • Hydraulically operated top and bottom valves
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