Standard Liquid Tank Containers

Standard Liquid Tank Containers

The workhorse of the liquid transportation industry. Where you need them. When you need them.

Standard Tank Containers

Standard Tank Containers

EXSIF provides a range of versatile standard UN Portable Tanks with capacities ranging from 17,500 to 26,000 liters for hazardous, non-hazardous and food grade cargos.

Designed and fully approved for operation worldwide via all methods of intermodal transport, our standard tank containers for liquids are insulated and fitted with steam heating capability. We use the highest quality valves and accessories and exceed regulatory requirements for shell thickness.

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We have the largest fleet of standard liquid tank containers with ongoing new build programs to support the supply chain requirements of the chemical and bulk liquid distribution market.

This translates into unsurpassed global access to this crucial transportation asset for our customers. We have technical and engineering expertise you can trust to design the right tank container to meet your specific product and operational requirements.

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  • Wide range of capacities from 17,500 to 26,000 liters
  • 20ft collar design in accordance to ISO 1496/3
  • Pressure vessel material: SANS 50028-7, 1.4402/1.4404
  • Approved for intermodal operation according to IMDG, CFR49, ADR/RID, UIC, TIR, CSC, TC
  • 10 run steam heating system
  • Fully insulated vessel
  • Bottom operated Foot valve with emergency closure and fusible link
  • Versatile top discharge arrangement to suit a variety of different equipment configurations
  • Full walkway enabling safe top equipment access
Standard Liquid Tank Containers

Optional Standard Tank Container Features

  • Baffles
  • Collapsible handrails and ground operated equipment
  • Large range of discharge valves, connections and fittings
  • Internal linings and alternative materials of vessel construction
  • Super insulation
  • Temperature controlled refrigeration and heating solutions
  • Telemetry: GPS tracking, temperature monitoring and fill level
  • Enhanced construction approvals such as ASME U stamp or DNV 2.7-1

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Choose Sustainability with Standard Tank Containers

Standard tank containers are 93% recyclable. More durable, safer, and better for the environment — what’s not to love?

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