Telemetry Consultation Services

Telemetry Consultation Services

Gain better insights to improve the safety and efficiency of your tank logistics.  

Track Your Shipments the Easy Way

We’re here to make it easy.

Enhance efficiency and improve safety by using the Internet of Things (IoT). With better data, you’ll have insights into everything from product temperature to expected delivery.

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Gain Control with Tank Container Telematics

IoT gives you the data to manage tank logistics.

The Internet of Things uses data to make businesses become more efficient. You have options to monitor and track your shipments in EXSIF tanks.

Tank telematics allows you to track location, temperature, fill level, and pressure. This data can be used to improve safety and quality, as well as predict deliveries and maintenance to optimize resources.

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Track Shipments Around the Globe

Protect your assets with global tank container telemetry services to know where your commodities are.

Monitor Temperature, Fill Level, and Pressure

Maintain the integrity of your products with specialized telemetry tank services that monitor tank contents.

Predict Deliveries and Maintenance

Gain transparency as to where your shipments are, where they’re going next, and if your tanks need maintenance.

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Improve Safety and Quality

Leverage your data to better protect your products and people while maintaining the quality your brand is known for.

Skip the hassle and work with a partner that’s got your tank container logistics needs covered.

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How It Works

Partner for Leasing. Partner for Logistics Management Services.

Logistics and leasing go hand-in-hand.

When you work with us, we provide a set of services as part of your agreement, logistics management services included.

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EXSIF’s custom solution offerings allow Nouryon to meet and respond to market demands while their GPS technology allows for real time tracking of commercial assets. The ability to deliver on time as requested demonstrates EXSIF’s commitment to reliability and sustainability.

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Global Fleet Asset ManagerNouryon


Gain a Global Partner in Logistics Management Services

Supply chain dynamics, evolving global relations, and volatile markets mean it’s harder to predict and plan your logistics.

We have offices, depots, and local experts where your tanks travel to simplify logistics and give you peace of mind.

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