Tanks Vs Drums

Tanks Vs Drums

Six Reasons To Not Choose Drums


1. Filling

Costly and time consuming with the risk of spillage.

2. Storage

Expensive, space consuming and prone to damage and spillage.

3. Spillage

The transport of drums is difficult and costly. The risk of damage, spillage and personal injury is high.

4. Unloading

Difficult to handle and empty completely with high risk of injury and pollution.

5. Cleaning

Expensive and time consuming to remove residue and clean.

6. Disposal

Expensive and environmentally unfriendly.

One Reason To Choose A Tank

The safest and most sustainable way to transport bulk liquids.

The tank container is a pressure vessel manufactured from high quality stainless steel, surrounded by a carbon steel frame. It is built to survive significant transportation damage without leakage for 20 years, and at the end of their useful life, they are scrapped and then recycled. The intermodal design provides the most efficient transfer between road, rail, and sea, eliminating the risk of cargo loss or contamination. Multi-modal transportation also reduces highway congestion and air pollution.

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