Refrigerant Gas Tank Containers

Refrigerant Gas Tank Containers

Used to safely store and transport refrigerants (R-gases) used for domestic and industrial cooling appliances.

Refrigerant Gas Tank Containers

Refrigerant Tank Containers

EXSIF offers a large fleet of refrigerant gas tank container equipment that can be used to store and transport refrigerants (R-gases).

Our equipment is designed to meet and exceed regulatory requirements for highly regulated gas products. There are a wide range of capacities and pressure ratings that are ASME U Stamped equipment standard.

We can meet or exceed your regional or product specific requirements and use only the highest quality valves and fittings. EXSIF has the technical expertise to help you with the requirements for your refrigerant gas tank needs.

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Technical Specifications for Refrigerant Tank Containers

  • Discharge valve remote closure system with fusible link
  • ASME VIII DIV 2 Approved
  • P460NL shell material with Zinc lining
  • Sunshield
  • Valve cabinet with lockable door
  • 500mm bolted manlid cover with spiral wound gaskets
  • Level gauges
  • Wide variety of connection possibilities
  • R-32, R-125
  • Can also be used to carry gasses used for electric car batteries
  • Wide variety of working pressures
  • Capacities from 16,000 to 25,300 liters
  • Available with or without baffles
  • Bottom discharge fitted with excess flow valve and 3 points of closure

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